Seventy Five Percent!

If you are a Brown's Boot Camper, you know the answer to this shout out is - NUTRITION!  We end every camp by reminding ourselves of this truth - total health takes more than just a good workout.  As we say - You can't out train a bad diet!  Our goal at this blog is to educate you on how your body works so you can give it the nutritional support to fuel your active life! Underpinning every post is the belief that we must educate ourselves in order to take control of our health.  For too long in America, we have tried to outsource responsibility for our bodies - to doctors, to pharmaceutical companies, to diet gurus, and to personal trainers - and it has turned us into one of the most unhealthy countries in the developed world.  It's time to take your power back and take charge of your health!



What up with Flexible eating?

  NOW I know what you’re thinking….Flexible eating is nonsense. People can’t eat cookies, Ice cream and cereal all day and call it healthy. You may see people on IIFYM/flexible eating only post ‘junk food’ on Facebook and assume they have a horrible unhealthy diet. But most people have a huge misconception on what it […]

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Feed Your Muslces

Ladies and Gentleman. I have a question for you? Have you ever thought about how much protein your consuming a day and what types of proteins that you’re consuming? If you’re not sure, that’s completely okay, allow me to assist you. Below I give examples of high quality proteins. I then explain how many grams […]

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Today’s topic is on recovery. Recovery is extremely important for our health and bodies performance. There are four components (nutrition, sleep, active recovery, and stress) that need to be taken seriously and done correctly.  1. Nutrition After every class we huddle together and say “75% nutrition” for a reason. Nutrition is SOOO important. Myself, Chef Alfred, […]

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Eating “Real”

Keep it real… The saying “eat real” is something I hear more and more often, not until recently did I understand it (fully understand it). I believed eating organic “real” foods like spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, berries, keeping foods as close as to the natural state as possible, eating pasture raised meats was “eating real”. Sounds […]

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water bottle


    I just want to share to you some thoughts and benefits on why it’s important for you to stay hydrated on a day to day basis.   Water consumption allows your body to run like clockwork. Water transports the nutrients and oxygen into our bodies’ cells. Maintaining hydration during your day will also […]

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Against The Grain

The switch to grass-fed As we hear the talks of grass-fed meat and the health benefits that it brings to the table, we ask, is it really that much better??? The answer ladies and gentlemen is….YES!  Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Meat, poultry, and dairy is no exception. Most […]

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Food Can Make or Break You.

When I first started working out, I didn’t realize the importance of nutrition and how it can help you and also destroy you depending on what types of foods you are putting down your pie hole. I had the mentality that you can eat as much as well whatever you want. Wow… was I surely […]

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Become a Locavore

Shortly after I started living a Whole Foods lifestyle, I quickly became bored with what the grocery store had to offer in the way of produce.  There’s only so many times a girl can eat the same vegetables over and over before she starts to go mad.  Especially when this girl firmly believes in the […]

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Ginger Coconut Chicken with Sir-Fried Veggies and Cauli-rice

Have you ever seen the movie Despicable Me?  If not…well, I won’t recommend you sit through it unless you have kids but it is seriously funny (for a kid’s movie).  Steve Carell.  Nuff said.  Anyways, one of my favorite parts is when Carell’s character – a grumpy, mad scientist – wins the biggest fluffiest unicorn […]

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How to Cheat…and Enjoy Every Second of It

I really hate the word “cheat” when it comes to nutrition. I know it’s just a short way to say “Eating something I know will not help me advance my health, and I’m very well aware of it so please don’t give me crap and just let me enjoy this brownie/wine/pizza/etc”.  Before you think I’m […]

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Recipe Roundup – Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Who’s ready for some awesome holiday food?  Me!   Want some?  Get some!  Ha ha…that’s not quite what Randy meant when he coined that popular BBC phrase.   Thanksgiving is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop all the progress you’ve made.  A cheat or two?  Sure – but if your plan […]

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Green Chile Beef Stew

Ahhhh – it’s finally sort of winter time here in the Old Pueblo. Temperatures are still soaring into the 90′s but I don’t care. It’s November and I’m going to eat me some stew! We’ve got to get it in while we can!   For a recent camping trip in the mountains, I knew we’d […]

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Recipe Resources

A frequent question I’ve been asked is “What cookbooks do you recommend?”.   When it comes to finding recipes, I have two main sources – blogs and books. Blogs are my go-to for a couple of reasons. #1 – They’re Free. #2 – They are readily available at a moment’s notice.   Years ago, when […]

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Recipe Roundup – Pumpkin

It’s that time of year again… Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin Ice cream. Pumpkin muffins.   And all of it loaded with sugar, gluten, grains, and seed oils. Sad, really, since poor inoffending pumpkin is getting dragged to the “destroy your health” party when really he (or is pumpkin a she?) has no business […]

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Making Whole Foods Convenient

When switching to a whole foods diet, one of the most challenging things people face is having food at the ready.  Because most conventionally prepared foods contain some ingredient or another that it is best to avoid, you are required to cook most things from scratch.  Have no fear!  There are strategies to overcome this […]

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