Seventy Five Percent!

If you are a Brown's Boot Camper, you know the answer to this shout out is - NUTRITION!  We end every camp by reminding ourselves of this truth - total health takes more than just a good workout.  As we say - You can't out train a bad diet!  Our goal at this blog is to educate you on how your body works so you can give it the nutritional support to fuel your active life! Underpinning every post is the belief that we must educate ourselves in order to take control of our health.  For too long in America, we have tried to outsource responsibility for our bodies - to doctors, to pharmaceutical companies, to diet gurus, and to personal trainers - and it has turned us into one of the most unhealthy countries in the developed world.  It's time to take your power back and take charge of your health!


We All Need A Coach!

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, will never reach their maximum potential” -Bob Nardelli Everybody needs somebody to tell them what they don’t want to hear in order to make them better. A good coach will always tell you the truth and will always have your back. Here at BBC, you hire us simply for […]

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Loading a Magic Box for Long Term Success

I have a magic box. It’s contents increase my motivation and lead to greater focus, both of which broaden my chances of achieving long term success. Across the front of the magic box it says “IGLOO”. My magic box is a cooler, and inside are my macros for the day. Personal observation: Pre-logging and pre-planning […]

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Remember to Deload

Or to take schedule breaks in your training. A deload is typically a week spent recovering from exercise by making a significant cut-back on physical activity. These are fantastic at dropping built up cortisol (water retention) (aka breaking plateaus) but are also essential for connective tissue reparations and the restoration of testosterone levels. Deloading is […]

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Foods That are High in Fiber and Micronutrients

Vanessa showing us some high fiber and nutritious foods!

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Why 80/20???

80/20 rule! When it comes to eating or “dieting,” most people hear the 80/20 concept and are not sure what that means, for some that means eating 80% “clean” or whole foods and 20% “fun” foods. When “clean” eating comes into play, a topic of debate, that can mean a lot of different things for […]

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Are you in control?

Are you in control of food or is food in control of you?? Hello peeps!! Coach Alfred here! I wanted to touch base on a topic I come across frequently, our mindset on food and cravings. Often I get asked the question of “What should I do when I crave this?” Not the easiest answer….in […]

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The Smarter approach to fatloss

“Boosting” your metabolism comes from eating in a calorie surplus for an extended amount of time and gaining lean muscle tissue. You won’t boost metabolism eating in a fat loss phase or a calorie deficit. And in fact, most of our metabolisms will down regulate and slow as we are in the fat loss phase. […]

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Time for an Attitude Check-Up!

Can our attitudes really make a difference when it comes to reaching our nutrition goals? And can our attitude impact or affect our progress? You bet it does! But why is our attitude so important? You have probably heard this not once but many times. Really? Do you have to hear it again? Yes! We […]

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Eat responsible-most of the time

Disclaimer: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”. And nothing has changed here, Just a reminder: Food nutrition labels can be off by +-20% Macro counts posted by restaurants on menus have an even bigger margin of error, because I can guarantee you that no cook is in the back of a […]

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Having a Healthy Mindset

Healthful habits and the lifestyle change you all are attempting to create will NOT happen overnight… You won’t make a complete 180 overnight. You can’t flip a switch and BOOM…you’re superman or superwoman. It doesn’t work that way. Unfortunately. Developing healthful habits is a process and that process often requires baby steps to get to […]

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In Season vs. Off Season

Hi again peeps! I wanted to give a quick assessment regarding body composition and physique from my point of view. For those that know me, I’m not super lean year round (or most of the year for that matter). My goals don’t call for me to be super lean or shredded. Again, those are my […]

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Importance of Variance!

Hi again peeps!! Variance! Important stuff there, especially when it comes to our nutrition. One of the biggest aspects of BBCFE is the ability to allow a variety of foods to make it to our plates and into our daily routine. I often get asked “what’s the one meal you crave the most?”… Truthfully there […]

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Why do you enjoy flexible eating?

Why I enjoy flexible eating?  In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with an immune disorder known as Rheumatic Fever. It took over 8 doctors to diagnose me. At that time my white cell count was extremely high which caused damage to my organs and my most valuable muscle, my heart. Due to the illness I was on bed rest […]

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Do NOT set yourself up for failure

The problem with the psychology of a “Typical dieter” or your average person who wants to lose body fat or make positive body composition changes … Is that it just plain SUCKS! Ready… set …go… They go from Zero to 60. Motivation and Energy is super high, results are showing then, BOOM, they hit that […]

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Beware of “The Quick Fix” programs

Any fitness/meal plan program that promises to “transform you”, “fix you” “get you shredded”, “lean”, “buff”, “sexy”, “ready for summer” etc. within X amount of days, to be blunt…is crap. You can’t have a 90 day challenge and then be done, you have to learn how to do things the smart way and do them […]

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