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Seventy Five Percent!

If you are a Brown's Boot Camper, you know the answer to this shout out is - NUTRITION!  We end every camp by reminding ourselves of this truth - total health takes more than just a good workout.  As we say - You can't out train a bad diet!  Our goal at this blog is to educate you on how your body works so you can give it the nutritional support to fuel your active life! Underpinning every post is the belief that we must educate ourselves in order to take control of our health.  For too long in America, we have tried to outsource responsibility for our bodies - to doctors, to pharmaceutical companies, to diet gurus, and to personal trainers - and it has turned us into one of the most unhealthy countries in the developed world.  It's time to take your power back and take charge of your health!




Do you count your BLT’s? And no, I’m not talking about bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. BLT’s are bites, licks and tastes that we all seem to partake in now and then and yet, somehow, we either don’t think they count or believe they don’t count that much. In reality, BLT’s can add alot more […]

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A Risk We Take!

Hello peeps! Just wanted to drop in really quickly and leave you with some advice and perhaps a different view on going out to eat. Not that it’s the worst thing that we can do, we just have to keep it down to a dull roar. Let’s look at this situation for example. I go […]

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Back on the scale!

I know, I know another scale post, but… The struggle with the scale most likely will never totally go away, so that’s why as a coach I have to keep reminding the peeps. And I remind myself everyday too. There is so much more to this whole lifestyle than just a silly number. I totally […]

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Don’t Be a Hamster!

2 words… Accuracy and consistency! Over long time periods of tracking and especially when someone is in an extended fat loss phase, it’s very easy and somewhat normal for complacency to set in which may lead to more inaccuracies to start popping up more frequently. It’s SO key to always focus on your tracking habits, […]

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“Are you okay?” “You look fine the way you are.” “Eat a burger”!

“Are you okay?” “You look fine the way you are.” “Eat a burger”! “You don’t need to lose or work out anymore.” With all due respect.. When friends, random folk or family see change in your body and face…and they see this change and its not your “normal” look… They think and assume you will […]

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Quick Fixes Always Equal Fast Failures

I started my contest prep 2 weeks ago and Initially I lost 10 pounds, most of it was just water. And the last 3 days I actually gained back 4lbs and I’m totally cool with it cause I look WAY better in the mirror and my muscles are a lot fuller and Energy is amazing. […]

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Some words on changing by Randy Brown.

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Do NOT let the scale determine your progress

Oh The scale!! Fluctuations, going up, going down, staying the same …OH MY!! People will let it determine our progress but that is the furthest thing from the truth. You must understand what’s going on inside the body before you become discouraged. The sole goal should not be quick weight loss on the scale but […]

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Choosing to be better

A podcast on choosing to be better.

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Take your physique and metabolism to the next Level

Disclaimer: (Individuals with a lot of excess body fat to lose, should most definitely focus on fat loss) There will come a point where you will need to change your approach or mindset about “losing weight” and step back from the fat loss phase, Depending on 2 things… How much body fat you still have […]

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Step out of your comfort zone

” I’m not weighing and counting my food, that’s way too hard and obsessive”. I hear that all the time .. Well, trying to make a true lifestyle change is most definitely a huge change and it is hard to make work without working on it, thinking about it a lot, weighing food, planning, figuring […]

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Diet vs lifestyle change

There is going to be nothing magical about “Clean eating”, Paleo or any other type of “fad diet”. Some of the claims about these types of approaches are that you can eat an unlimited amount of food and it is basically impossible for you to gain weight or to be “unhealthy”. Well, that’s bull****. Eat […]

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Thoughts on The biggest loser TV Show

The Biggest Loser TV show is an unrealistic setting of losing weight, they don’t have to worry about their job, family, school etc. They just have to workout… an unhealthy amount I might add. And eating 900 calories a day is not sustainable and will end up really slowing down your metabolic rate. The show […]

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My thoughts on “Superfoods”

Superfoods I can get plenty of fiber and protein without those foods. I think “superfoods” is a bunch of hyped-up trendy malarkey. Most foods have some phytochemical or compound which has a positive impact on health. Tomatoes used to be touted because of their lycopene. Grape seeds have resveratrol. Chocolate has all sorts of antioxidants. […]

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